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                TC Sweater Velvet | Flame Retardant Fabric
                About us
                Located in developed Hangjiahu region, Haining Jintai Knitting Co., Ltd. enjoys good location and convenient transportation. We are very close to Huhangyong Expressway and Sujiahang Expressway, and only 80km and 100km away from Hangzhou and Shanghai City.
                Founded in 2006, we are a manufacturing enterprise of Fluorescent weft-knitting fabric and functional fabric. The main products are: Hi-vis bird-eye, Hi-vis pique, Hi-vis jersey, Hi-vis fleece, cvc fabric and 100% cotton jersey. Up to now, our products have successfully certificated to EN20471, ANSI and AS/NZS standard. We have been working on the research and development of functional fabrics for years. At present, we are able to produce a series of functional fabrics, including arc resistance, flame retardant, antistatic, antibacterial, wicking and so on, which can meet the standards of EN61482, EN14116, EN11612, EN1149, UPF50+ and so on. Our functional fabrics are well sold in Europe, USA and Australia. In order to produce better quality fabric, we set up a test lab, which have all kinds of test machines.
                As the subsidiary company, Haining Waytai Imp. & Exp.Co., Ltd., Founded in 2015 and have the license of import and export. The main business is exporting fabric and garment. The garment products including safety vest, Hi-vis T shirt and Polo shirt, Hi-vis sweatshirt, softshell jacket, rain suits etc.
                Taking "Best quality, honest business, innovation and development" as business idea, we are striving to provide the first-class products and service for customers all around the world!
                Contact Us
                Zip code: 314400   
                Tel: 0086-(0)573-87266549
                Email: jt@jintaiknit.com 
                Add: No.126 Shuanglian road,
                Economic & Technological
                Development Park, Haining, China
                General manager:Huang Yongji (General Manager)
                Fax: 0086-(0)573-87090318
                URL: http://www.full4mob.com
                Telephone Hotline
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